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The Juvenile Assessment Center


Since it began in 1999 through December 31, 2008, the Juvenile Assessment Center has served over 15,000 Wayne County youth, using an innovative methodology and community service system which...

1.    Assures significant operational improvements

  • Thorough assessment and speedy treatment planning.
  • Closely managed and monitored juvenile detention population
  • Individualized family-involved treatment planning and services.
  • Improved, more timely access to court processes.
  • Around-the-clock online access to all case information.
  • Accountability through measured outcomes that assure community safety and develop future contributing citizens.
  • Ability to manage the right services at the right time in the right place at the right price.

2.    Solves systemic inequities

  • Addresses the social inequities in juvenile services by using uniform assessments, culturally diverse services, ongoing outcome measurements and a single-payer system to assure equal access and quality services for all.
  • determines what services juveniles need and how to access them in a timely, useful way.
  • An initial assessment focuses locally controlled CMO's to secure the most appropriate, culturally competent and best available community services for juveniles and their families.
  • Is flexible enough to be used in urban and rural settings.

3.    Tracks all youth served

  • A county-wide information network (WCJAIS) collects definitive statistics on every youth it serves.
  • The system requires the JAC and CMO's to provide daily details of the assessments, evaluations and services they are providing to referred youth.
  • On-time data supports invaluable continuous tracking of every youth's progress and every step being taken to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Tracking measures academic progress, job and work skill development, substance abuse reduction and the results of all provider treatment.
  • Works closely with local service providers so that it can track all youth served.

Adjudicated Youth

For each adjudicated youth assigned by the Wayne County Third Circut Court - Family Division, the Juvenile Assessment Center provides the following services in collaboration with Wayne County Department of Children & Family Services:

  • A social history.
  • A Preliminary therapeutic plan.
  • Assignment to appropriate care management organization.
Units of Service Oct 2003 - Sept 2004

The source of accurate information and competent recommendations that identify the unique needs of referred youth and families in Wayne County, and enable community organizations to restore successful living, increase healthy development and promote safer communities.