Assured Family Services

We expect our competencies to help resolve problems and generate more competency.

Assured Family Services

We will go beyond the norm to get what we need for every child.

Assured Family Services

We will ensure that the information we compile is grounded on our most accurate and competent knowledge for effective decision making.

Assured Family Services

We will accurately report the cultural strengths and individual needs of the youths and families we service.


Assured Family Services Offices are open!


Assured Family Services (AFS) is an organization dedicated to supporting environments where children and families can flourish. AFS maintains a clinically sound environment with a professional, multi-disciplinary approach toward delivering quality services. AFS provides orientation, training to ensure that all staff are well educated and value the best practices for children and families in the areas such as:

  • Juvenile Justice, Community Mental Health and Child Welfare Best Practices
  • Health Care Awareness and Coordination with Other Providers
  • Cultural Linguistics
  • Accommodation of Individuals with Impairments,
  • Youth, Family and Community Well-Being
  • Recovery Enhancing Environments
  • Recipient Rights
  • Person/Family-Centered Planning and Treatment that includes:
    • Assessment
    • Counseling
    • Psychological Services
    • Drug Screening and Assessment

Our Mission

The mission of Assured Family Services is to promote successful living, healthy development, and safe environments by identifying the unique needs of the youth and families we serve, thus enabling the recommendation and administration of appropriate quality services and effective partnering with community organizations.

Our Mission

We Promise To


Value diversity of our clients serving all people


Effectively facilitate the dynamics of difference


Support actions which foster equity of opportunity and services to those with alternative communication needs


Offer discounted fees for patients that qualify


Acquire and institutionalize cultural knowledge


Not deny services based on a person’s:

    • Race
    • Color
    • Sex
    • National Origin
    • Disability
    • Religion
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Inability to Pay

Engage in self-reflection


Adapt to the diversity and the cultural contexts of the students, families, and communities we serve



Therapeutic Services

The AFS Therapeutic Services Program is responsible for oversight of the provision of various in-home and specialized therapeutic services, both clinical and educational, court-ordered treatment and family preservation services for youth and families involved in the...

Utilization Review

The AFS Utilization Review and Rate Band Monitoring Program is accountable for the review and monitoring of accuracy as it relates to the Wayne County Department of Health, Veterans and Community Wellness policy adherence, level of care, service intensity and...

Substance Abuse

The AFS Substance Abuse Services program provides substance abuse screening, using Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) urine screens and certified laboratory analysis within the AFS/JAC. By screening for substance abuse at the earliest point of entry of the Justice System...

Electronic Monitoring/Tether Services

The JAC Electronic Monitoring and Tether Program / Detention Alternative Unit (DAU) is used to reduce a youth’s length of stay in a detention facility and provides structure and accountability to assist returning juveniles to make safe and thoughtful decisions about...

Diversion Services

Diversion Services The JAC Right TRAC (Taking Responsibility Accepting Consequences) Diversion Services Program is a collaborative effort of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, the Third Circuit Court and Wayne County Department of Health, Veterans and...
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For Customer Service concerns, please call 833-237-6600 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

If you have called after hours, please call back the next business day for immediate assistance or leave a voicemail message and we will call you back right away.

We are proud to partner with The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network. If you or a loved one is experiencing a crisis, please visit their site, and call their crisis hotline 1-800-241-4949.

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