Assessment Services

A JAC Assessment Specialist is a licensed, Master’s level Child Mental Health Professional who is responsible for completing comprehensive, psychosocial and legally sustainable Social History Assessments on each youth and family referred to the JAC for Wayne County Department of Health, Veterans and Community Wellness (HVCW) for resources after adjudication. The detailed narrative and assessment includes a thorough interview with the youth and family in their home environment which provides opportunities for clinical restorative justice, as well as person-centered and culturally competent recommendations to the care management organization (CMO). Recommendations are based on the individual strengths, needs, abilities, preferences and risk indicators for each youth, combined with sound clinical protocols used to evaluate each youth, family and community environment.

Jurists know that by using the standardized JAC Assessment Report as a pre-dispositional evaluation for recommendations and identified needs of adjudicated youth, they will be aware of specific issues to monitor and are able to ensure that the CMOs prioritize needs, provide services and track youth appropriately. The two-page Dispositional Report, which includes summarized information from the JAC Social History Assessment and the JAC Psychological Evaluation Report, helps jurists to confirm that focused efforts were made and outcomes achieved which improve the potential for youths’ successful living and community participation.

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