Clinical Services

The Clinical Services program is responsible for the provision of all psychological and psychiatric evaluations conducted by the AFS, including medication reviews for psychotropic regimens prescribed by the AFS psychiatrist. Each evaluation includes collaboration with AFS/JAC Assessment Specialists, the AFS Substance Abuse Services program, and the Care Management Organizations (CMOs). Its services are an important adjunct to the AFS CHOICES department in the provision of community-based mental health for youth diagnosed with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED).

Psychological and psychiatric evaluations are provided to both adjudicated and non-adjudicated juveniles, as well as court-ordered Child Welfare individuals, for reasons related to court orders, treatment planning, service implementation and court disposition determinations. The Clinical Services program provides reliable evaluations for all referred individuals, as well as facilitates access to community mental health services using standardized, objective and clinical procedures to provide competent and insightful individualized recommendations.

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