Court JAC Services

The Court JAC located at Third Circuit Court, is the point of entry for Child Welfare-eligible treatment referrals, At-Risk or Prevention and Juvenile Justice assignment, eligibility and registration via Third Circuit Court Orders. All documentation is processed, including referrals, court orders, case intakes and court-order referrals for services. A service provider and/or Care Management Organization (CMO) assignment is made within 24 hours of receipt and review.

Customer focus and responsiveness is the primary guide for the Court JAC staff. Assuring that families understand what has and will occur, and that the Jurists are served timely and accurately with data entry and client information correct, is the primary function of the Court JAC. Careful attention to the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility population assures that youth are not detained unnecessarily and that there is available bed space for new admissions with appropriate transfers to private detention facilities, releases and alternative detention resources coordination.

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