Diversion Services

The JAC Right TRAC (Taking Responsibility Accepting Consequences) Diversion Services Program is a collaborative effort of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, the Third Circuit Court and Wayne County Department of Health, Veterans and Community Wellness to provide early assessment and access to community based services that prevent further penetration into Juvenile Justice adjudication. Juveniles with first-time or low-risk offenses, that are not Petitioned or Dismissed by the Jurist with agreement of the Prosecutor, are then assigned to their local Youth Assistance Programs (YAP) for services. Through use of a unique psychometric, personalized computer interview called the Juvenile Inventory for Functioning (JIFF), the youths’ strengths and needs, as well as the caregivers’ perceptions about the youths’ strengths and needs, which can also include mental health needs, are assessed for treatment planning and service recommendations. The ten domains that are identified and addressed on the JIFF consist of:

School / Your Job
Family Life
You and Your Neighborhood
Dealing with Bad Feelings
You and Your Friends
Your Feelings
Alcohol and Drugs
Your Health
The JAC Right TRAC Diversion Services Program assures that youth with significant mental health concerns, substance use, unsafe environments and special situations have access to more intensive services without being adjudicated. All youth and families referred receive local, accessible services concluding with a post JIFF assessment to measure outcomes and progress.

The JAC Right TRAC Diversion Services Program also coordinates with the AFS Substance Abuse Services Program to administer drug screens, as required. The JIFF report is utilized by the assigned YAP for appropriate treatment planning and service delivery and if needed, more intensive services that include: SED mental health services and C.H.O.I.C.E.S. in-home counseling.

The JAC continues to be nationally recognized for its advancement in assessment administration and positive outcomes, with presentations made in several locations nationwide. Within the diversion program is a structured process for Disproportionate Minority Contact Reduction in the Juvenile Justice System. These youth receive services and data is specifically tracked for outcomes and successful non-entry into further Juvenile Justice System penetration.

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