The JAC Electronic Monitoring and Tether Program / Detention Alternative Unit (DAU) is used to reduce a youth’s length of stay in a detention facility and provides structure and accountability to assist returning juveniles to make safe and thoughtful decisions about various offending behaviors. Daily monitoring by CMOs ensures that any necessary supports concerning the juvenile’s well-being and his/her caretakers are addressed. The JAC Tether Services Unit is operated out of the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility (WCJDF).

The JAC DAU staff are responsible for processing all documentation required in the Tether process; coordinating the transition and deployment of new equipment; providing regular training on changes and/or upgrades in equipment, software or policy to ensure proficiency; assisting with the development and adherence to policy; providing technical assistance and troubleshooting; and monitoring provider responsiveness to assist youth in successful completion of the DAU Tether Program.

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