The Integrated Community Based Services (ICBS) program is an integrated approach to service delivery for multi-system involved youth. ICBS staff provide a variety of supportive mental health services to youth involved in the CMOs who are having problems coping in their environment (i.e., dealing with traumatic stressful events and/or changes: behavioral problems at home or school; and/or experiencing symptoms of mental illness). Services are based on each individual child and family’s specific needs, issues and goals assessed and identified in the plan. Services provided include psychiatric consultation, nursing services, group, family and individual therapy using evidence based practices, cognitive behavioral therapy, parent management training, and family support groups. Services are coordinated thorough the continuum of care providers within the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority service system and ICBS staff are deployed into each of the five CMO partner agencies.

ICBS Key Program Components:

    • Comprehensive Evaluation
    • Early Period Screening and Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT)
    • Integrated Treatment Teams
    • Care Coordination Plan
    • Progress Summary
    • Community Based Services
    • At Risk (Trauma) Checklist
    • Service Category Classification

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