The AFS Substance Abuse Services program provides substance abuse screening, using Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) urine screens and certified laboratory analysis within the AFS/JAC. By screening for substance abuse at the earliest point of entry of the Justice System for youth as well as adults with neglect/abuse cases, it allows Jurists and treatment providers to address factors that lead to the behavior that caused legal and court involvement.

Substance abuse treatment recommendations are provided through the administration of the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN) assessment tool for each youth who has a positive AOD screen and/or are referred for substance abuse services evaluation. Results allow for ongoing measurement of substance abuse and treatment needed to deter and teach youth about substance use and harmful effects of substance use. The Substance Abuse Services process ensures timely and accurate identification of illegal substance use and provides direction for appropriate judicial decisions, timely treatment intervention and education, while always ensuring that the clients’ rights and confidentiality are maintained and respected.

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