The Title IV-E program ensures that Wayne County has the capacity to make valid and legitimate claims for reimbursement of eligible federal Title IV-E foster care maintenance and administrative expenses for eligible juveniles. The AFS is a Wayne County designated agency allowed to perform Title IV-E services and administrative responsibilities. AFS staff regularly call families to obtain the most recent information about youth in care.

Title IV-E legislation (The Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980 amended Title IV of the Social Security Act to establish a new Part E) provides for federal payments to the states for foster care maintenance and adoption assistance payments made on behalf of certain eligible children.

The objectives of this legislation are:

1. To improve the quality of care provided to children in substitute care;

2. To reduce the number of children who are removed from their own homes for placement in substitute care. Substitute care includes foster family, group home and institutional care;

3. To return children from substitute care to their homes as soon as conditions in the home permit; and

4. To facilitate the adoption or other permanent placement for those children who cannot be returned to their own homes.

There are three components of Title IV-E that must be met before a juvenile can be determined to be Title IV-E eligible:

1. A Compliant Court Order, containing language determining that for the juvenile to remain at home is contrary to his/her welfare and containing language indicating that reasonable efforts to prevent the juvenile’s removal from home have been made.

2. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Title IV-E Funding Eligibility Determination for the youth; and

3. Approved/Eligible Title IV-E Placement, as determined by the MDHHS.

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