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Qualifications: We are seeking a licensed Master’s level counselor, social worker or psychologist with experience providing individual/family/group therapy to diverse populations. This position requires substance abuse credentials. Previous experience with Juvenile Justice involved youth preferred. Adequate transportation for frequent home visits is a must, along with valid driver’s license and auto-insurance.

The candidate must be able to meet the Michigan Department of Community Health qualifications as a Child Mental Health Professional (CMHP) (An individual with specialized training and one year of experience in the examination, evaluation, and treatment of minors and their families and who is a physician, psychologist, licensed or limited-licensed master’s social worker, licensed or limited-licensed professional counselor, or registered nurse; or an individual with at least a bachelor’s degree in a mental health-related field from an accredited school who is trained and has three years supervised experience in the examination, evaluation, and treatment of minors and their families; or an individual with at least a master’s degree in a mental health-related field from an accredited school who is trained and has one year of experience in the examination, evaluation and treatment of minors and their families.)

Proof of licensure within defined discipline is necessary. Strong computer skills, effective communication, both written and verbal, is mandatory, along with the ability to demonstrate a high value for accountability, accuracy and reliability is required.


JOB SUMMARY: Provides timely psychological evaluations and participates in the assessment process for clients. Activities include clinical interviewing, administration of standardized psychological tests, and coordination with the multidisciplinary clinical team. Psychologists are responsible for all components involved in the provision of psychological assessment as requested and in accordance with the policies
and procedures established. Psychologists conduct evaluations both in the AFS home office and in various locations throughout the community, e.g. the juvenile court, detention centers, residential treatment centers, neighborhood youth agencies, and client homes.

Limited or fully Licensed Psychologist in the State of Michigan (TLLP, LLP, LP). Must be able to administer standardized psychological tests to youth and adults referred by the juvenile justice, child welfare, and Community Mental Health (CMH) systems. Must be able to score and interpret the results of psychological tests and communicate this information effectively in written reports. Must be able to make recommendations indicating the best treatment services based on available clinical data for youth and adults referred by the juvenile justice, child welfare, and CMH systems. Demonstration of a high value for accountability, accuracy, timeliness and reliability is a must. Strong computer skills. Effective communication both written and verbal. Valid driver’s license.

If you meet the qualifications and are interested, please submit resume to


JOB SUMMARY: Under the direction of the Supervisor, assesses family needs; develops and implements individualized treatment plans; implements interventions that facilitate youth and family progress toward specific goals and objectives; participates in multi-disciplinary case staffing and utilizes caseload management systems; conducts individual, family and group counseling sessions in accordance with
professional standards; collaborates with appropriate agencies and parties within the community and the Wayne County Juvenile Justice system; and performs other duties as assigned. Timely documentation and database entry, compliance with mandatory CMH training, and fidelity to evidence-based practices are all required. Treatment sessions may be office or community-based.

Masters in Social Work, Counseling, Psychology or related clinical field with at least a limited license in that profession (LMSW, LLMSW, LPC, LLPC, LP, LLP, TLLP). Experience providing individual/family/group therapy to diverse populations required. Two years of clinical experience working within the juvenile justice system is preferred, but recent graduates with the aforementioned licensure will be considered.

The following is required for all applicants:

  • Proof of active professional licensure.
  • Ability to demonstrate a high value for accountability, accuracy and reliability.
  • Commitment to teamwork.
  • Strong computer skills.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Valid State of Michigan driver’s license.

Integrated Community Based Services Coordinator


Strong bachelor or masters level clinician that under the direction of the ICBS
Supervisor, provides clinical consultation, support and guidance regarding the access to and
participation in behavioral health services of Wayne County juvenile justice CMO SED and DD youth
and family needs; timely submission of individualized treatment plans; collaborative relationships with
care management providers, implements direction and monitoring that facilitates youth remaining
safely in the community and benefiting from therapeutic supports and treatment toward specific goals
and objectives; facilitates multi-disciplinary case staffing and;;, timely documentation, reporting and
documents the service provision in JAIS, monitors and assures follow up by CMH Children’s Service
agencies and performs other duties as assigned. 4 days per week in the juvenile care management
agency, 1 day in office for supervision and documentation requirements.

• Collaborate and interact with other AFS and CMO Juvenile Justice workers for feedback
regarding client treatment attendance and overall progress toward goals.
• Maintain current knowledge of behavioral health and consultation for treatment techniques,
criminal justice systems and community resources using in-service trainings, seminars,
workshops, and publications, maintaining the minimum necessary for credentialing
• Effectively demonstrate working knowledge of the Juvenile Justice System and Detroit Wayne
Community Mental Health resources and services.
• Has a strong ability to communicate and advise youth behavioral health needs with CMO
worker, CMH therapists and to explain, encourage and facilitate the needs of the client and
family effectively and efficiently.
• Has an understanding of juvenile youth ready to exit residential care to assure family stability,
access to continuity of treatment and timely service provision.
• Convening integrated team quarterly and /or at transitions.
• Support the juvenile justice CMO and youth and family to receive appropriate and timely
services to better assure the youth remains stable and benefit from community supports.
Ensuring the EPSDT, medical, physical and behavioral health documentation is completed and
in the file for every Medicaid eligible SED and DD youth.
• Actively participates in team meetings and trainings.
• Maintain appropriate department, agency, and client confidentiality.
• Ability to engage in crisis intervention as necessary to assure appropriate treatment
engagement and provision.
• Follow safety protocol and procedures.
• Prepare for and actively engages in weekly supervision.


BA or BSW or MA/MSW or related degree in mental health from an accredited school
and appropriate State of Michigan licensure required. Must have a minimum of five (5) years recent
experience in mental health/human services field.

Familiarity with Medicaid policies and procedures and a general knowledge of least two (2) of the
following systems: Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency, Michigan Department of
Human Services, Wayne County Department of Children and Family Services (juvenile justice), and the
Wayne County Juvenile Court system will be important.

Must have knowledge of Systems of Care philosophy and principals. Must be a skilled observer and
communicator with understanding mental health service systems.

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