Our Team

Executive Team

Name Title Extension
Sallie Smith Brown Chief Executive Officer Ext. 310
Trinilda Johnson Chief Operations Officer Ext. 303
Shaun Cooper Clinical and Program Services Director Ext. 206
Cariton Hasan Human Resources Director Ext. 173
Mary Ann Lawler Quality Assurance Director Ext. 455
Brian M. O’Meara Finance and Operations Director Ext. 104

Leadership Team

Name Title Extension
Kimicole Hayes Administrative Services Supervisor Ext. 378
Eula Stallworth DAU Supervisor Ext. 461
Jessica Gates ICBS Supervisor Ext. 234
Delmarshea Lloyd Director of C.H.O.I.C.E.S. and
Intake Services
Ext. 177
Trudy Hale Right TRAC Diversion Supervisor Ext. 809
Shanna Lasker Director of Assessment Services Ext. 307
Cynthia Seldon Director of Court Services & Utilization Management Ext. 201
Karrie McCrary Substance Abuse Services Supervisor Ext. 101
Raymond Small Psychological Services Supervisor Ext. 401
Monica Harris Therapeutic Services Supervisor Ext. 220

Board of Directors

Name Title  
Deborah Brouwer Chairperson  
Francesca Pernice Secretary  
Michelle Palmer Treasurer  
Vickie Stamps    
Reverend Louis Forsythe II    
Thomas Hardiman, Sr.    
Crystal S. Mills  Secretary  
Sidney Bogan    
Darryl Dewberry    
Debra Usher    
Barbara Sosin    
Paulette White    
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