Turnaround Café

Welcome to the Turnaround Café Page. Turnaround is located on the first floor of the Lakeshore Building in Detroit, MI

Turn Around Café
Work Force Development

June of 2016, Assured Family Services opened the Turn Around Café with the purpose of providing work force experience, a paying job and training for adolescents and young adults. Our experience has shown us that therapy, social work, family supports and education are important undertakings but if a young person has not developed an understanding of employment, work place communication, self-responsibility, self-directed accountability, customer relations, time and schedule commitments and colleague relations in the work place; most work force opportunities are not available to them or cannot be held very long.

Each young person becomes a part of the Assured Family Services staff and agency team. They attend orientation, training, events, have drug screens and job skill readiness activities along with the assigned Café employment. The Café Manager spends individual time guiding communication, customer service and work place expectations along with providing recognition and praise as successes are achieved.

The youth in the Café come from the following populations:

  • Aged Out Foster Care young adults
  • Wayne County Jail 17 year olds released on probation or dismissed
  • Juvenile Justice youth and young adults (current and former)
  • Staff family – adolescents and young adults
  • Young Adults seeking work experience

We have provided work experience over the past 3 years for over 25 youth. Many of the youth trained and employed returned to high school, entered college, entered the military (and was successfully released after 2 years), found long term jobs in other organizations such as successful employment with the City of Detroit Water Department.

Working together, understanding costing, safety, salesmanship, hygiene, work vocabulary, team work and customer service prepares our colleague youth for adulthood, caring for each other, finding their own career interest and setting goals, surviving difficult work place relationships and the self-discipline to accomplish real goals.

We are very proud of our colleagues and fellow staff that have developed pride in themselves as employees, practiced leadership, have become diligent and ready to take on new experiences with anticipation and to see themselves as successful citizens of our Wayne County Community.

Stop in the Turn Around Café when you visit our organization or as you leave the building. Meet the Café staff, have a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the pleasure of seeing each young person grow, develop and find joy in the self-fulfillment of working, earning and becoming self-sufficient.

7310 Woodward Ave.
First Floor – East
Detroit, 48202


Coffee 16oz $1.75 $1.7520oz $2.00

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Hot Chocolate 16oz $1.50 20oz $1.75
Iced Tea 20oz $2.50
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Bagels $1.25
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Candy Bars $1.00
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Fresh Organic Fruit Bowls $5.00
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Fresh Popcorn $ .75
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Muffins $1.25
Nabisco Cookies $ .50
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Orange/Apple Juice $1.25
Smoothies $4.50 16oz /$5.50 20oz
Soda 12oz cans $1.00
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